Language and Culture(9月25日オープンキャンパス体験授業予告)

Language and culture are closely connected.  Cultural values affect the way we speak and language develops in the context of the culture it is used in.  So, when we study a language, we are also studying culture.  In this presentation, we will look at some aspects of American culture that are reflected in American English.  For example, why do people use first names when talking to one another in the United States?  What are some ways to speak politely versus casually in English?  What are some ways miscommunication can occur between Japanese and Americans?  These and other topics will be explored.  Additionally, several Komajo students will talk about their own research and study of language and culture.  There will be three different topics covered by the students.  The first will be the use of voice tone in Japanese and English.  The second will be the use of indirect speech in English.  The third topic will be about the use of gestures in different cultures and their effect on communication.  This will be an exciting opportunity to experience learning in an English environment, as well as get the chance to interact with some of the students in the English Communication Department.




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