Introducing Kimono Culture! (8月7日オープンキャンパス体験授業予告)

Have you ever worn a traditional kimono for a special occasion? Which colors and designs do you like best? Everyone has their own favorites, but how much do you know about Japanese kimono? Let’s find out with a fun multiple choice quiz! Then, let’s look at the history of kimono in Japan.

Like many well-known aspects of Japanese culture, the history of the kimono begins with Chinese influences.  It became an important part of court life in the Kofun, Nara and Heian periods.  Many beautiful designs and fabrics were developed for kimono, especially from the mid Edo period onward.

Today, the kimono is not typically worn as everyday dress.  Fewer and fewer people actually own a formal kimono, which can cost millions of yen.  The most informal type of kimono, the yukata, are often worn at summer festivals.  More formal kimono are worn to weddings, graduations, and other formal events.  

I will talk about research on kimono being done in English speaking countries.  We will also look at how to describe kimono culture in English.  In this class, you can experience studying Japanese culture in English, and also learn about some of the latest kimono fashion.




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