「Introducing Edo Foods」の事前告知

Introducing Edo Foods

The English program at Komazawa Women’s University has a wide range of classes both for learning English and learning in English.  Japan Studies is taught in English, with plenty of support from the teacher and active learning in every class.  Studying about Japan in English is great practice for students who want to communicate with people from other countries.  When you go abroad, people will want you to tell them about Japan!

In this Open Campus class, the topic is Edo foods.  Modern Tokyo has a wonderful food culture, but a lot of great traditional Japanese foods we eat today first became popular in old Edo.  If you hear someone say: “Edo foods”, what do you think about? We will use the mind mapping method to brainstorm.  This is a good way to take notes at university, plan a report or prepare ideas for output in a foreign language.  Then, we look at the history of three classic Edo foods: soba, sushi and Tsukudani.  After each section, there is a fun quiz activity to check your understanding.  Please watch the class at your own pace.  I hope you enjoy it.

近日公開予定の体験授業動画では、ジョン・モリス先生が「Introducing Edo Foods」と題して授業を行います。モリス先生はイギリス人ですが、日本の文化や歴史にも造詣が深く、本学でも「Japan studies」という授業を担当しています。この授業では、日本について英語で学びます。

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