English Summer Seminar Report

This year, seven students and two teachers from the Department of International Culture took part in the English Summer Seminar at Kinugawa Hot Springs. This is an annual event where students join a 3-day intensive English program. This is a special opportunity for students to experience communicating in English, learn something new, and make new friends.※

We met in early August at Shinjuku Station and headed for Kinugawa Hot Springs at around 1:00pm. We arrived at the hotel in time for dinner, which was very delicious. Traditional Japanese food was on the menu that night. After dinner, we took part in some English activities. Through the activities, we introduced ourselves and got to know each other a bit better.

The next day was special because the students became teachers and the teachers became students! Every year, as part of the English Summer Seminar program, all students are given an assignment to teach something in English. They can choose anything they want to teach as long as it’s practical and everyone can do it together. This year was really interesting! We learned a variety of different things from the students and everyone worked hard to prepare their activities. Not only were the student presentations interesting, they were done completely in English! When everyone had finished their teaching assignments, we all took a nature walk together. The surrounding river and mountains were so beautiful and everyone enjoyed getting some fresh air and exercise. Afterwards, we returned to the hotel for another delicious dinner.

Later that evening, we had more English activities.  The night before, the teachers created the activities, but this time, the students had to think of their own original games. For these activities the students made two teams. One team was called the “Powerful Girls” and the other was called “Superwomen”.  The two teams made posters for their teams and did a great job designing fun activities for us.  Of course, all the activities were in English. Everyone enjoyed themselves and made great efforts at using English.

On the morning of the last day, after a delicious breakfast, we met for another activity, a movie review! First, Jon and Taron showed clips from movies they enjoyed and explained why they liked the movies.  Then, the students did the same thing, first finding clips from movies they enjoyed and then telling the group why they liked these movies.  By the end, we all had lots of good suggestions about movies to watch!

Once the movie review was done, we had one last delicious lunch together and then prepared for our final activity.  In this final activity, students wrote in English about their feelings and impressions of the Summer Seminar. Below you can read some of the comments.

  1. “After the Summer Seminar, I think I can speak English more fluently.  I had a very good time with my friends and the teachers.” Student 1
  2. “The best thing about the Summer Seminar for me was the student presentations.  All the activities were so fun! I want to come again.” Student 2
  3. “It was a good opportunity to improve speaking and listening.  I’m going to study abroad and I think the Summer Seminar helped me prepare.  For example, my mind is stronger than before.” Student 3

All in all we had a wonderful time together.  Everyone made new friends and fun memories.  We want to say “thank you” to everyone who participated this year. We wish you the the best and hope your English continues to improve!

  1. ※ 本内容は、人間文化学類 英語コミュニケーション専攻の前身である国際文化学科の学びについて紹介しています。
    人間文化学類 英語コミュニケーション専攻での学びの参考にしてください。

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