A Family Visit from Ireland


Last week we had a special visitor come to Komajo from, Newry, Co. Down in N. Ireland! My sister Grace came to the university on Thursday May 2nd.

This was Grace’s first visit to Japan so everything was a new experience for her, including meeting and greeting professors, staff and many students at the university.

Grace was fortunate to have an opportunity to visit the first year students English Workshop class. This class uses a unique approach to help students improve their English skills, especially in speaking. Students engage in a one-to-one tutorial with a teacher and receive advice and encouragement about how to use various strategies for more effective learning.

In this class, Grace was able to meet with students in small groups of 3 – 4. Later she said that from talking to students, she discovered many new and exciting things about Japan. She heard about some good places to shop in Tokyo and about some of the latest trends in fashion. Here is a snapshot of one of the group conversations.

Grace How many days per week do you study at this university?

Student 1 From Monday to Friday.

Grace So, at the weekend do you go shopping, or spend time with your family?

Student 2 My family lives in Fukushima. It’s far from Tokyo.

Grace So, do you live alone in Tokyo?

Student 2 Yes, I live alone.

Grace Wow, that’s very independent.

Student 3 I go shopping at the weekend.

Grace What is the fashion in Japan? I see a lot of shorts, jeans,
dresses and that kind of thing. I like the fashion here. What’s the trend in Tokyo?

Student 3 I like wearing a one piece….

And the conversation continues about clothes, food and music.

  • Grace with first year students from the English Workshop class
    Grace with first year students
    from the English Workshop class

Grace was also delighted to attend the Study Abroad Follow-Up class. She listened to presentations of the girls’ experiences while studying abroad in New Zealand and Australia.

  • Grace with 3rd year students from the Study Abroad Follow-up class
    Grace with 3rd year students
    from the Study Abroad Follow-up class

She felt moved when she heard them say that not only did they develop their language skills, but they also broadened their minds and made many new lifelong friends along the way. Grace became inspired by their stories and wants to encourage her fifteen-year-old own daughter, Olivia, to study abroad when she gets older.

  • Grace’s daughter Olivia
    Grace’s daughter Olivia

Grace said that she really enjoyed her time seeing the beautiful natural surroundings at our campus and said she felt relieved that her sister, Jackie, was in safe hands with so many kind and warm students and fellow teachers.

Maybe she will come back next year with Olivia too…

We are waiting for you Grace and Olivia. また来てね!!

Department of International Culture
Jackie Suginaga

教員の声 :新着投稿